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How to Fix the World Cup, Part 582: The Paraguay Problem

This morning, I turned on my television at 0700, conditioned to expect the oddly comforting drone of the vuvuzelas and one of ESPN’s plummy Anglo-Saxon accents. Instead: tennis. I have nothing against tennis, but the sudden absence of soccer—this lull … Continue reading

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World Cup: Oopsie! Did Team USA Turn Me Into a Rabid Nationalist?

So this is new: I’m used to my football fandom marking me as a cappuccino-damaged rootless cosmopolitan who would gladly sell his homeland to the Frogs for a pack of Gauloises and a muscular rub-down from a vaguely Slavic pool … Continue reading

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World Cup: My England Problem

Today, the World Cup officially got serious. Uruguay and The Good Korea played a fierce win-or-go-home game in the pouring rain. The United States’ gutsy run ended against the sinister forces of Ghana…again. The Epcot Center portion of the competition … Continue reading

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Olympics: Ain't That America?

The Vancouver Winter Olympics (Sponsored by Spring!) are coming in for a lot of abuse, much of it deserved. When you have athletes getting killed, big-time venue and ticketing failz, horrible weather and weird security breaches, you are halfway down … Continue reading

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Girl-on-Girl Violence Makes Women's Soccer a SportsCenter Sensation

No, it is definitely not fair that this orgy of senseless violence perpetrated by a single New Mexico player probably constitutes the single longest SportsCenter segment on NCAA women’s soccer. Thousands of women devote millions of hours to their collegiate … Continue reading

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How To Make MLS More Exciting in One Step

It’s crunch time in Major League Soccer, as the league’s elite sides jockey for playoff position in the final days of the regular season!!! Well, okay: only some of the sentence above is true. The last days of the MLS … Continue reading

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Portland's Haute and Sexy Cycling Fashion Show

As usual with matters two-wheeled, the invaluable Bike Portland blog has the goods: a huge, mouthwatering collection of snaps from this week’s Oregon Manifest cycling fashion show. As a twee, tweed-wearing, anti-Lycra bike nerd myself, I find much here to … Continue reading

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