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World Cup: Que Sera, Sera

A good friend of mine—a full-fledged Man of Sport, though only a Man of Football because I intermittently force him to be—made this observation after yesterday’s match: “I was disappointed not to see more World Cup, but I was mostly … Continue reading

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2010: The Year Soccer Broke

The World Cup’s final stages call forth, as they always do, certain inevitable developments. England goes down like a 12-story building fashioned entirely from burnt newspaper. A plucky underdog seizes the world’s attention, loses in heartrending fashion, and is then … Continue reading

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World Cup: Brazil and Ghana Fall Victim to Soccer's Cosmic Jokes

One set of quarterfinals in the World Cup books, and one must say the entertainment value has repaid all that time we’ve spent listening to vuvuzelas, ignoring Glenn Beck and pretending that Portugal was going to do something. Today’s games … Continue reading

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World Cup: I'm Scared of Slovenia!

It’s official: a perfectly good Thursday afternoon, and I’m sitting in here quaking at the thought of a picturesque mountain nation with a population smaller than that of my not-very-big home metro area. A nation that calls its national football … Continue reading

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Introducing 'The Renegade Sportsman': Inside The DIY Sports Nation

On June 1, Riverhead Books publishes The Renegade Sportsman, my first book. Astute readers of this blog will recognize the title as a component of my highly sophisticated personal branding strategy. To that end, here’s an introduction, sales pitch, summary … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE DEADBLOG! Internazionale v. Barcelona

Halftime: I arrive at my neighborhood soccer bar with three distinct goals in mind: 1) Avoid making any facile written statements in the well-worn (by me) “isn’t globalization interesting” / “here is a fascinating insight into the state of soccer … Continue reading

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Hating the Olympics: Even Lamer Than the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are nearly upon us. I happen to subscribe to the totally square notion that the Olys remain—in spite of the gargantuan hoo-hah of stupidness that surrounds them—a Great Festival of Sporting Life, but I do dread a … Continue reading

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