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2010: The Year Soccer Broke

The World Cup’s final stages call forth, as they always do, certain inevitable developments. England goes down like a 12-story building fashioned entirely from burnt newspaper. A plucky underdog seizes the world’s attention, loses in heartrending fashion, and is then … Continue reading

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World Cup: Oopsie! Did Team USA Turn Me Into a Rabid Nationalist?

So this is new: I’m used to my football fandom marking me as a cappuccino-damaged rootless cosmopolitan who would gladly sell his homeland to the Frogs for a pack of Gauloises and a muscular rub-down from a vaguely Slavic pool … Continue reading

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The UK Election: Party of Three!

Like all good Anglophile nerds, Your Correspondent is spending a shameful and useless amount of time monitoring this Thursday’s General Election in Ye Olde Englande (Featuring Scotlande, Walese and Northern Irelande). Exactly what good it does to follow another nation’s … Continue reading

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