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2010: The Year Soccer Broke

The World Cup’s final stages call forth, as they always do, certain inevitable developments. England goes down like a 12-story building fashioned entirely from burnt newspaper. A plucky underdog seizes the world’s attention, loses in heartrending fashion, and is then … Continue reading

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Farms vs. Slumburbia

Timothy Egan posted a typically incisive report for the Times today: a dispatch from the withering insta-burbs of California’s San Joaquin Valley, where the foreclosure rates remain high and huge complexes of unoccupied McMansions and culs de sac are quickly … Continue reading

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England v. USA Sets the Stage For My Dearest Fantasy to Become Horribly Real

As I contemplate today’s World Cup draw, of course my eye strays to that instant boon for Atlanticist kibbitzers and casual Premiership fans, the first-round, first-match meeting between England and the United States. Every World Cup is all about the … Continue reading

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Cycling's Urban Wheels of Gold

A glorious autumn afternoon here in Portland means the wife and I plan to do the thing that Portlanders do: we will sling the child into his Limo bike seat and pedal around our little piece of Pacific Northwest new-urbanist … Continue reading

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Michelle Get Your Gun

Yesterday’s New York Times Op-Ed page included an all-too-rare print appearance by Tim Egan, the paper’s spiky pundit on matters Western: a cri du couer on the decline in Americans’ usage of their greatest collective possessions, the national parks. Egan … Continue reading

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