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2010: The Year Soccer Broke

The World Cup’s final stages call forth, as they always do, certain inevitable developments. England goes down like a 12-story building fashioned entirely from burnt newspaper. A plucky underdog seizes the world’s attention, loses in heartrending fashion, and is then … Continue reading

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How to Fix the World Cup, Part 582: The Paraguay Problem

This morning, I turned on my television at 0700, conditioned to expect the oddly comforting drone of the vuvuzelas and one of ESPN’s plummy Anglo-Saxon accents. Instead: tennis. I have nothing against tennis, but the sudden absence of soccer—this lull … Continue reading

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World Cup: The United States of Landon Donovan

This is just getting embarrassing now. YouTube hasn’t made me cry since Obama got elected. [youtubevid id=”jbn3rOPmR9″]

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World Cup: The Management Secrets of Diego Maradona

Managers! Team leaders! Regional directors! Do you aspire to EXCELLENCE? Would you like to see your organization, UNDER YOUR LEADERSHIP, become the envy of its field? Do you want to SMASH the competition, and do so with STYLE and PANACHE? … Continue reading

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World Cup: Weapons of the Weak

One striking feature of World Cup 2010 so far: bad teams are producing almost all the excitement. By “bad,” I do not refer to the hilarious Paris Commune-repeats-itself-as-farce calamity of France; England’s wan, irritable performance; Italy’s stutters; Germany’s wobble; Spain’s … Continue reading

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Mourinho's Masterpiece Puts Barca in a Leonard Cohen Sort of Mood

Of course I was supporting Barcelona. So were the three vaguely punk-rock kids—scruff, nose-rings, hoodies; representing the Catalan club’s international countercultural appeal—sitting next to me along the bar of the Thirsty Lion. So was everyone else in the Lion (except, … Continue reading

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