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Renegade Sportsman: Publication Day

Three and a half years ago, I sold the proposal for my first book. The same month, my wife and I found out she was pregnant with our first kid. Yesterday, I opened my local paper, The Oregonian, to find … Continue reading

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Introducing 'The Renegade Sportsman': Inside The DIY Sports Nation

On June 1, Riverhead Books publishes The Renegade Sportsman, my first book. Astute readers of this blog will recognize the title as a component of my highly sophisticated personal branding strategy. To that end, here’s an introduction, sales pitch, summary … Continue reading

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Ecopsychology: The Crucial Importance of Moss-Pondering

The New York Times Sunday Magazine’s feature story on ecopsychology provides a fascinating look at an effort to bust the discipline out of its urbane native milieu and drag it into the woods for some Outward Bound-style enlightenment. Daniel B. … Continue reading

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The Dark & Disturbing World of Thomas the Train

By virtue of nursing a sick two-year-old, I am spending much of my day in the strange universe of Thomas the Tank Engine. This realm appears to consist solely of a quasi-British island known as Sodor (and, as I learn … Continue reading

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Why 'Sherlock Holmes' Works (And Why Sherlock Holmes Always Will)

Like all my fellow Sherlock Holmes nerds, I have experienced a solid year of foreboding, awaiting Guy Ritchie’s gonzo reinterpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective with a mixture of excitement and total dread. Yes, over the last century or … Continue reading

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The Brainy Sex Maniacs of the Catholic Right Christmas Special!

Worried that I might be over-indulging in holiday cheer, I decided to spend 45 penitential minutes in the company of Robert P. George, “this country’s most influential conservative Christian thinker,” courtesy this NYT Sunday magazine profile. You may not know … Continue reading

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McSweeney's San Francisco Panorama and the Life of Print

The indie super-publisher McSweeney’s dropped a hefty metaphorical bomb on the streets of its home city this week—in the form of an enormous, one-time-only newspaper called The San Francisco Panorama. The 300-plus-page broadsheet—stuffed with multi-part investigative pieces, full-color comics, sports … Continue reading

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