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Cyclists vs 'Libertarians' in Portland

Later this afternoon, Portland’s City Council is likely to adopt a far-reaching plan for bike infrastructure—a plan which calls for a dramatic expansion and improvement of the city’s cycling network, with the audacious (for America) goal of boosting bicycle use … Continue reading

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Portland's Haute and Sexy Cycling Fashion Show

As usual with matters two-wheeled, the invaluable Bike Portland blog has the goods: a huge, mouthwatering collection of snaps from this week’s Oregon Manifest cycling fashion show. As a twee, tweed-wearing, anti-Lycra bike nerd myself, I find much here to … Continue reading

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Cycling's Urban Wheels of Gold

A glorious autumn afternoon here in Portland means the wife and I plan to do the thing that Portlanders do: we will sling the child into his Limo bike seat and pedal around our little piece of Pacific Northwest new-urbanist … Continue reading

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Progress on Two Wheels

The always-fascinating BLDGBLOG reports from Copenhagen, where 500,000 people bike to work or school every day and the city is built, to an inspiring and enviable degree, around human-powered transport. With the Danish capital set to host the global climate … Continue reading

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