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Mourinho's Masterpiece Puts Barca in a Leonard Cohen Sort of Mood

Of course I was supporting Barcelona. So were the three vaguely punk-rock kids—scruff, nose-rings, hoodies; representing the Catalan club’s international countercultural appeal—sitting next to me along the bar of the Thirsty Lion. So was everyone else in the Lion (except, … Continue reading

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Elif Batuman's 'The Possessed': Or, When Pushkin Comes to (From Russia With) Love!

Talk about a book that had me from privyet, tovarish, kak vashi dilah?! Elif Batuman’s new-ish entrant into the eternally thrilling “academic memoir” genre could well be the product of a cunning (but financially pointless) marketing effort to appeal to the … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE DEADBLOG! Internazionale v. Barcelona

Halftime: I arrive at my neighborhood soccer bar with three distinct goals in mind: 1) Avoid making any facile written statements in the well-worn (by me) “isn’t globalization interesting” / “here is a fascinating insight into the state of soccer … Continue reading

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Messi! Robben! And The Hilarity of Soccer!

What do I have to say about this phenomenal week of Champions League action? About Lionel Messi’s latest in his weekly series of career-defining goal binges, in which the micro-Argentine stung some schoolboys’ outfit from London for a quartet without … Continue reading

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