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Will Gordon Brown Save Soccer (Or Vice Versa)?

This blog hasn’t had much to say about The Football of late. In large part that’s because Yr Humble Correspondent’s major team of choice, Liverpool FC, has rambled from comic disaster to calamity to tantalizingly brief false dawn of hope … Continue reading

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David Brooks On the Red Tories

As if channelling telepathic suggestions from my most recent post, David Brooks—he’s brilliant, you know, except when he’s not—sings the praises of chief “Red Tory” philosopher Phillip Blond. One might almost say that the Red Tory tradition is on the … Continue reading

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Could Hating Sprawl Unite Left and Right?

At the end of last week, a fascinating mini-meme broke out in the political blogosphere’s brainier precincts: a left-right convergence on the subject of urban sprawl. The proximate cause was a typically deep-thinking broadside from ABC News’ resident libertarian goofball, … Continue reading

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During last night’s Winter Games closing ceremony—sometime after William Shatner and before we muted the set during the frightening number featuring the nightmarish giant beaver—household discussion turned to the overall medals standings. (As it does.) Obviously, the United States did … Continue reading

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