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English Soccer Fans, Up In Arms

I have a piece up over at Good which attempts to grapple with the debt crisis—and attendant fan uprising—in English soccer. You didn’t know your Thursday afternoon needed a 1,300-word treatise on financial skullduggery and grassroots politicking in a foreign … Continue reading

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Olympics: Ain't That America?

The Vancouver Winter Olympics (Sponsored by Spring!) are coming in for a lot of abuse, much of it deserved. When you have athletes getting killed, big-time venue and ticketing failz, horrible weather and weird security breaches, you are halfway down … Continue reading

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Farms vs. Slumburbia

Timothy Egan posted a typically incisive report for the Times today: a dispatch from the withering insta-burbs of California’s San Joaquin Valley, where the foreclosure rates remain high and huge complexes of unoccupied McMansions and culs de sac are quickly … Continue reading

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Cyclists vs 'Libertarians' in Portland

Later this afternoon, Portland’s City Council is likely to adopt a far-reaching plan for bike infrastructure—a plan which calls for a dramatic expansion and improvement of the city’s cycling network, with the audacious (for America) goal of boosting bicycle use … Continue reading

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Ecopsychology: The Crucial Importance of Moss-Pondering

The New York Times Sunday Magazine’s feature story on ecopsychology provides a fascinating look at an effort to bust the discipline out of its urbane native milieu and drag it into the woods for some Outward Bound-style enlightenment. Daniel B. … Continue reading

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