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Hating the Olympics: Even Lamer Than the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are nearly upon us. I happen to subscribe to the totally square notion that the Olys remain—in spite of the gargantuan hoo-hah of stupidness that surrounds them—a Great Festival of Sporting Life, but I do dread a … Continue reading

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The Dark & Disturbing World of Thomas the Train

By virtue of nursing a sick two-year-old, I am spending much of my day in the strange universe of Thomas the Tank Engine. This realm appears to consist solely of a quasi-British island known as Sodor (and, as I learn … Continue reading

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Kevin Sampsell's Achy Inland Northwest

One of our local weeklies, The Portland Mercury, hit the streets with a rarity that should be a commonplace: a meaty excerpt from a local writer’s novel, in this case the estimable Kevin Sampsell‘s forthcoming A Common Pornography. I plucked … Continue reading

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Meet the World's Greatest Sports Hero: Phil 'The Power' Taylor

Look at this man. Look at him. This is the face of greatness. Okay, so you have never heard of the guy—but that’s your fault. Why is Phil “The Power” Taylor the greatest sportsman currently plying his trade in the … Continue reading

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