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Why 'Sherlock Holmes' Works (And Why Sherlock Holmes Always Will)

Like all my fellow Sherlock Holmes nerds, I have experienced a solid year of foreboding, awaiting Guy Ritchie’s gonzo reinterpretation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s iconic detective with a mixture of excitement and total dread. Yes, over the last century or … Continue reading

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The Brainy Sex Maniacs of the Catholic Right Christmas Special!

Worried that I might be over-indulging in holiday cheer, I decided to spend 45 penitential minutes in the company of Robert P. George, “this country’s most influential conservative Christian thinker,” courtesy this NYT Sunday magazine profile. You may not know … Continue reading

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McSweeney's San Francisco Panorama and the Life of Print

The indie super-publisher McSweeney’s dropped a hefty metaphorical bomb on the streets of its home city this week—in the form of an enormous, one-time-only newspaper called The San Francisco Panorama. The 300-plus-page broadsheet—stuffed with multi-part investigative pieces, full-color comics, sports … Continue reading

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My favo(u)red European soccer-football club, the Mighty Reds of Liverpool, will play a European Champions League match tomorrow—a meeting with Italy’s Fiorentina for which manager Rafa Benitez might as well send out the ball boys with his dear old mother … Continue reading

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Welcome to "The Rumble"

Attention, People of Sport: My more talented younger brother, Chad Dundas, is now contributing to “The Rumble,” a combined boxing/mixed martial arts blog from The Sporting News. (I mean, The Sporting News? Does the cred come any more old school? No, … Continue reading

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Slovenia Kicks Off 'Group of Life' Trash Talk

The England/USA/Slovenia?/Algeria??  World Cup section may have won the instant, dismissive “Group of Life” tag. Brit tabloids may have dubbed the foursome EASY (England, Algeria, Slovenia, Yanks). But the Slovenes are determined to talk a good game, at least. The … Continue reading

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England v. USA Sets the Stage For My Dearest Fantasy to Become Horribly Real

As I contemplate today’s World Cup draw, of course my eye strays to that instant boon for Atlanticist kibbitzers and casual Premiership fans, the first-round, first-match meeting between England and the United States. Every World Cup is all about the … Continue reading

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