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Ice-Cold Halloween Delights: Julio Cortazar & Sarah Waters

Halloween cometh—always a time of year and occasion I love despite the agglomeration of stupid fads. (Although I did consider dressing as a slutty zombie librarian this year.) In a society plagued by compulsory optimism and dippy self-help Puritanism, it’s … Continue reading

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Monocle's Stumptown Printers Film

In the realm of self-promotion: I have a short piece about the Portland-based printing and packaging firm Stumptown in the most recent issue of Monocle. (In the same issue, I have a longer feature on Canada’s Viking Air.) Monocle’s all … Continue reading

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The Secret Brotherhood: The NFL and the English Premier League

This fascinating Guardian column by Portsmouth goalkeeper David James highlights an under-covered, under-the-radar story: the growing informal technical links and ever-more-intense mutual admiration society between the National Football League and soccer’s English Premier League. We know that the NFL would love … Continue reading

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How To Make MLS More Exciting in One Step

It’s crunch time in Major League Soccer, as the league’s elite sides jockey for playoff position in the final days of the regular season!!! Well, okay: only some of the sentence above is true. The last days of the MLS … Continue reading

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Liverpool's Season: Sponsored by Jared Diamond

As in Collapse, that is—because the Liverpool Football Club seems destined to do same by the end of this increasingly dismal campaign. The beloved battlers of Anfield Road have slipped to eighth place in the English Premier League, after the … Continue reading

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Gladwell's Bruising Hit on the NFL—and What the League Should Do About It

If you watch the National Football League and haven’t read Malcolm Gladwell’s disturbing New Yorker piece on football’s link to degenerative brain conditions, do so now. While a lot of attention has been paid to concussions suffered by players at the … Continue reading

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How 'Where the Wild Things Are' Turned My 2-Year-Old Into A Quantum Physicist

The Wild Things backlash: it had to happen. Bruce Handy’s essay in last weekend’s New York Times Book Review called out Maurice Sendak’s children’s classic Where the Wild Things Are as boring, impenetrable, nonsensical and—to level the most damning possible … Continue reading

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