Federer's Genius Shot

A few days ago, a Knowledgeable Friend and I were chatting. He noted that a New York-based business contact of his had failed to respond to a major piece of communication because he (the contact) was attending the US Open. Now, my Friend—while definitely Knowledgeable in most respects—lives rather in thrall, sporting-consciousness-wise, to the dreaded Football/Industrial Complex, that intersection of talk radio, cable chatter and webbery in which the NFL rules all.

“I guess that in New York the US Open is a pretty big deal,” my Friend said, with a puzzled expression. “But nobody cares about tennis?!”

Ah. America. A land where a sport with tens of millions of worldwide fans can be dismissed as irrelevant because you don’t have to wear a helmet to play it. I would not count myself as a tennis expert, or even a particular fan—if asked to name the top 10 male players in the world, I’d nail Federer and Nadal and then start mumbling fake Slavic surnames. But I think my Friend, and everyone else, owes it to themselves to check this out.


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Freelance journalist. Author of The Renegade Sportsman (Riverhead Books). Thank you.
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