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FC Barcelona: The Downside of Sports Democracy

Idealist fanboys of FC Barcelona (ahem) are prone to wax romantic (ahem ahem) about the Catalan club’s remarkable structure. Collectively owned by tens of thousands of dues-paying members, FCB is controlled by an elected president and board. While the Green … Continue reading

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Relegate Detroit!

Wired has named sports-thought rabblerousers Stefan Szymanski and Stephen Ross to its “Smart List”, which pinpoints—with the magazine’s signature sober, conservative understatement—”12 shocking ideas that could change the world.” Szymanski and Ross’s contribution to this paradigm-shift all-star team: the notion that … Continue reading

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Shock News: Manchester United Not Entirely On the Level

A quickie Guardian study suggests that Premier League referees give Manchester United more time to pull of their last-minute heroics. Call it the power of global branding.

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The Barcelona Symphony Orchestra

Behold. [youtubevid id=”x0C_4T0YpWA”]

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Mesmerizing in Manchester

Football matches—nay, sporting events—don’t come at temperatures more consciousness-searing than last weekend’s Manchester Derby. The season’s first meeting between defending champions and incumbent embodiment of evil Manchester United and oil-besotted nouveaux riches scumbags-in-waiting Manchester City arrived wrapped in controversy and bad … Continue reading

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Lands of the Lost

I missed this one last week, but had to go back to the fascinating (if only sketched) tale of Stephen Constantine, a wandering football coach who has guided a succession of back-of-beyond national teams like Maldives, Nepal and Sudan. The … Continue reading

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Great Moments in Sports Writing, Part One: Jim Carroll

I am currently in Canada—on assignment, as we like to say self-importantly. One nice thing about being in Canada, aside from the comforting knowledge that Generalissimo Stephen Harper’s socialized health-care death panels are on the job day and night: the … Continue reading

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