Liverpool. Not. Very. Good.

When you gaze up the English Premier League table to see such giants as Stoke and Burnley above you…when your defense spends ages threading together intricate cat’s cradles of useless, panicky backpasses…when Jamie Carragher wobbles around the field looking more and more like a cartoon World War I veteran and decides to play with one shoe for awhile…when your emergency shock troops consist of Voronin and Babel…when your “Brazilian international” can only score at the wrong end…when your legendary home fans find themselves outsung by a few hundred guys who don’t have any particular place to be come Tuesday morning…when your manager can do nothing but “make copious notes at the end of the first half” and “stroke his goaty beard” in the second half…

In all these cases, you are Not. Very. Good.


About zachdundas

Freelance journalist. Author of The Renegade Sportsman (Riverhead Books). Thank you.
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One Response to Liverpool. Not. Very. Good.

  1. Coates Bateman says:

    The door is wide open for Chelse and kids from Arsenal.

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