Rugby Sevens Goes For Gold?

Rugby sevens hong kong 2007

Image by tallkev via Flickr

Some half-awesome news from the International Olympic Committee: the 2016 Summer Games may include seven-a-side rugby, the greased-lightning version of the world’s second-coolest variant of football. I understand sevens rugby to be a high-scoring, party-hardy distillate of the full 15-a-side game. The photo at left, taken during the internationally popular annual sevens tournament in Hong Kong, would seem to bear that out. The Olympics can only benefit from the addition of this sort of fandom.

The grim possibility that the same Games might also include golf tempers my enthusiasm. The idea of Tiger Woods participating in the Olympics is almost too much to contemplate. Still, this story does include a special bonus tidbit: the first black Olympic athlete was a rugby man (and tug-of-war medalist!) with the amazing name Constantin Henriquez de Zubiera.


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