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Thank The God of Rectitude: The NCAA Keeps An Eagle Eye on Tim Tebow, Do-Gooder

Ah, fall. Time for the return of big-time college football, one of America’s most lucrative scams. Care to make a couple billion dollars? Tax free? Augmented by sizable donations—that’s right, donations—from your most loyal customers? In an industry where you … Continue reading

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Burnley: America's Team, Or Weird Nostalgic Snobbery?

Lord knows that in my checkered career as a journalist, I’ve filed the odd story constructed on the most precarious of angles—or, to let you kids in some insider nomenclature, “hooks.” So I read The New York Times’ unusual story … Continue reading

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Liverpool. Not. Very. Good.

When you gaze up the English Premier League table to see such giants as Stoke and Burnley above you…when your defense spends ages threading together intricate cat’s cradles of useless, panicky backpasses…when Jamie Carragher wobbles around the field looking more … Continue reading

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The Portland Adult Soapbox Derby: One of America's Great DIY Sports Events

Tomorrow, thousands of fans exhibiting various levels of sartorial taste and blood-alcohol toxicity will descend (ascend?) upon the deceptively gentle slopes of Mount Tabor, an extinct volcano in the heart of Portland, for the Portland Adult Soapbox Derby. This annual … Continue reading

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The Premier League: It's All Kicking Off!

After a fashion, I guess. The World’s Most Popular Sports League resumed last weekend, and if it seems difficult to pay serious attention to sporting events in the middle of August, the creme de la Prem provided ample demonstration why. … Continue reading

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Mad Men and the Republicans

In honor of the ballyhooed third season of Mad Men—and because the GOP, to judge by the sartorial and physical standards of the recent Town Hall Crisis, is less sexy than ever—I hereby repost some thoughts from last fall: At … Continue reading

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The Sinister World of Max Baucus

To my abiding shame, in my early voting years I actually cast my sacred ballot for Max Baucus, the slippery “political chameleon” who serves as the senior senator from my home state of Montana. Baucus, a dead-eyed human/cardboard hybrid whose … Continue reading

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