And Today in Red Toryism…

Gripping, I know. Anyway, Philip Blond, the Brit Red Tory philosopher with the strange Mod haircut, outlines a few tenants of his personal plan for solving the economic crisis in this rather dense but provocative post. Wade through the talk of “asset independence” and “self-managed universal pensions”, and you find some cool ideas. Such as: 

Create a community right to buy. Allow local community groups to register an interest in a local eyesore or decrepit building, whether privately or publicly owned. For a fair market value, such legislation can allow local social enterprises six months to put together a funding package to turn a liability into an asset for a transformative local business.

This reminds me of Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson’s suggestion that, instead of plowing gazillions into the very “too big to fail” goliaths that have, in point of fact, failed, governments should be giving their citizens acres of land to encourage self-sufficiency. There’s also a mini-movement of cooperative, community owned pubs in the UK that fits into Blond’s vision. This seems like exactly the sort of thing the economically rocked Rust Belt should look into: seize abandoned buildings, sell them to community groups and let them brew real ale! It all comes back to Distributism, mumble mumble…


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