Great Moments In Inauspicious Headlines

Adolf Hitler at the Wax Museum at Fishermen's ...

Image by mharrsch via Flickr

On the long list of news headlines one would prefer not to become associated with, a formulation that includes the words “…DISMISSES HITLER CONTROVERSY AS ‘MISUNDERSTANDING’” ranks fairly high. Maybe not as high as “…LASHES OUT AT KIDDIE SEX CLAIM” or “…CLAIMS THE HORSE LIKED IT PERFECTLY WELL”, but up the list, for sure. In fact, I think this instance warrants bonus points for the inevitable (but nonetheless funny) “some of my best friends are Jews” assertion in the subhead.

What is it with Formula 1 and Reich 3, anyway? Most major sports organizations, as they steel themselves for the obligatory succession of doping scandals, nightclub punch-ups and gambling stings, can at least feel confident that they will only face a Nazi-related scandal once every few decades.


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