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Zlatan! Zlatan! Zlatan!

Okay, I just dig that name, with its intoxicating and under-utilized Z-L combination. But anyway…am I reading this correctly? Is Zlatan Ibrahimovic really worth Samuel Eto’o, Al Hleb and $85 million? By what reckoning? Advertisements

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Because you can’t get enough…a dose of moralistic, Portland-centric Beckhamology over at SPORTSMAN!

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Major League Superlatives

There are not many in the world of Major League Soccer. Superlatives, that is. In fact, the league is essentially designed to produce uniform mediocrity. However, one very special, noteworthy phenomenon has emerged so far this season: at this moment, the … Continue reading

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Beckham: The Great Unravelling

If you haven’t watched the hilarious footage of David Beckham nearly pulling The Full Cantona on a heckling Los Angeles Galaxy fan, please do so without delay. If the rest of Golden Balls’ truncated MLS season offers this kind of … Continue reading

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Michelle Get Your Gun

Yesterday’s New York Times Op-Ed page included an all-too-rare print appearance by Tim Egan, the paper’s spiky pundit on matters Western: a cri du couer on the decline in Americans’ usage of their greatest collective possessions, the national parks. Egan … Continue reading

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And Today in Red Toryism…

Gripping, I know. Anyway, Philip Blond, the Brit Red Tory philosopher with the strange Mod haircut, outlines a few tenants of his personal plan for solving the economic crisis in this rather dense but provocative post. Wade through the talk … Continue reading

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Red Toryism: The Completely Unknown Foreign Political Tendency You Didn't Know Mattered!

I always feel like a thoroughgoing mark for citing or linking to Andrew Sullivan’s blog; if the thing became even slightly more popular, it could crash the entire Internet. That, of course, would end the Iranian revolution, cut the collegiate … Continue reading

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