Amy Lawrence on the USA Stunner

Back in the pre-Internet era, I used to immure myself in the University of Montana’s Mansfield Library—a ’70s-futurist crypt that always made me feel like I was in a Soviet science-fiction film—to dig up Amy Lawrence’s soccer coverage in three-week-old copies of The Observer. Nearly two decades later, I still look for Lawrence’s by-line, as she is one of the sharpest and most reliable writers in the hype- and cynicism-prone English sporting press. Her take on the USA’s upset of Spain, for example, shows her to be the rare British journalist who sort of understands the US football scene. The piece is worth reading, as well, for the stream of 200+ comments—an above-average mixture of idiocy, bigotry and misperception that makes me nostalgic for the pre-Internet era in a totally different way.


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