USA SHOCKS SPAIN! (What Does it Mean?)

On the one hand, it means very little—that’s the responsible, conservative, sober way for an American fan to view the Yanquis’ AMAZING 2 : 0 VICTORY AGAINST THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD! The Confederations Cup is a relatively insignificant bauble, and this MASSIVE AND IMPROBABLE UPSET needs to be considered in that context. Every time the United States manages one of its periodic STIRRING GIANT-KILLINGs, American fans and pundits get a little bit ahead of themselves. Our team is still composed of marginal players and will, for the foreseeable future, rely on great goalkeeping, desperation defense and ample luck in matches like this.

On the other hand, this is an AWESOME RESULT against a side that baffles just about every team it plays. For the US, a group of players who can use every bit of confidence and maturity, an international final against Brazil (probably) is a fantastic opportunity. People (myself included) will have to take back a few of the nasty things they’ve said about the White Buffalo (at least provisionally), and I’d say the “fire Bob Bradley” meme just had its worst day ever. The composure and commitment the team displayed today could translate into big things in South Africa just 12 months from now.


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5 Responses to USA SHOCKS SPAIN! (What Does it Mean?)

  1. CWimms says:

    Okay, Brazil (probably) next. “Out of the frying pan ….” Though given Spain’s prominence, I should say, “Out of the fire, into the frying pan?” Or, maybe the frying pan was the 6 goal Egypt-Italy swing? Whatever. SWEEEET win!

  2. Elie Mystal says:

    This made me so happy.

    RSA ’10!! USA shocks the world.

  3. derek says:

    That was indeed a shocking result. It’s not a setback for Spain at all and they’ll simply dust themselves off and march toward World Cup victory. But talk about a boost for the US. I’m still not convinced that they can maintain consistency under Bradley, but I’m ready to be surprised like I was today. Hell, I’m just picking myself off the floor.

  4. Coates Bateman says:

    I think Vecsey is spot on with this:

    “The most immediate benefit to American soccer is not even the result of the Confederations Cup final on Sunday, when the United States team will play the winner of Thursday’s Brazil-South Africa match. That one is gravy.

    The real boon to the American team will come on Dec. 4, at the World Cup draw in Cape Town, when the ayatollahs of FIFA divide the 32 qualifiers into four ranks of eight. In recent draws, the United States was seeded below its regional rival Mexico, which effectively meant the Americans would have to face two tiers of tough opponents.”


  5. Zach Dundas says:

    I agree with Vecsey on the seeding issue, but I think the comparison to the Miracle on Ice is way overblown. This was more like one of those anomalous but not unheard-of league results, like Getafe beating Real Madrid or Boro beating Liverpool.

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