FIFA Must Ban Iran

Picture taken 24 March 2007 shows Iranian nati...

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

If this story proves true—if Iranian football authorities have forced players who wore green wristbands during the national side’s most recent match to “retire”—then FIFA should immediately “retire” Iran from international football for the foreseeable future. 

Given FIFA’s long history of political malfeasance and extreme coziness with nasty regimes, I would say the odds of this actually happening approximate the odds of the United States beating Spain tomorrow.


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2 Responses to FIFA Must Ban Iran

  1. Nick Obourn says:

    Just saw this on I am not sure if that gives this early retirement story more validity, or more of a gossip rag feel, but either way, this is disgusting. As an international body, FIFA should take more of a stand against these nations, but isn’t that a huge loss for the people in the country many of whom are innocent soccer fans?

  2. Zach Dundas says:

    FIFA allegedly bans government interference with football matters, but I can’t think of a single time this “rule” has been interpreted with any consistency or in service of any kind of justice.

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