Chicago Fire Fans Light the Way

Sports fans may have missed it, thanks to the riveting NBA Finals (eh…) or the Stanley Cup (um…), but via the excellent Pitch Invasion, check out the awesome spectacle staged by supporters of Major League Soccer’s Chicago Fire last week:

Fire Fans

Flares, banners, “tifo” and whatnot are pretty old news among football supporters on the Continent and in Latin America (which, yes, is also a continent). In the United States, stadium security officials tend to take a dim view of live incendiary devices, and so for American soccer fans, burning objects have acquired the forbidden-fruit lustre that college frat boys ascribe to threesomes in Cabo. I must admit, however, that the television announcer nailed this one. A thing of beauty, indeed. 


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One Response to Chicago Fire Fans Light the Way

  1. Nick Obourn says:

    Soccer fans in other countries, especially Latin America, are the most passionate devotees ever. It’s about time this passion found its way up north. I love the announcer’s last line: “You’re not going to see that at an NBA game.” Great dig.

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