The Invisible Hand

I know economics is supposed to be all rational and whatnot, but the just-compiled league table of top-earning footballers calls the dismal science into question. Or, at least, points to a paradox: a striking number of the top boys are totally past their prime as players. I’m not saying D. Becks or old Henry don’t still offer some value on the field, because they obviously do. Ronaldhino—I would say the jury is out. Kaka and Ronaldo and Rooney still seem to be in their pomp, as it were, but what exactly is Shevchenko trading on these days? Does this list hint at the existence of a de facto system in which superstars truly cash in after they’ve already exhausted their peak playing days? Or are these guys being paid to sell shirts?


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Freelance journalist. Author of The Renegade Sportsman (Riverhead Books). Thank you.
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2 Responses to The Invisible Hand

  1. Brian says:

    Even if they are, I’d like to see the guy walking out of the Chelsea club shop in a Shevchenko shirt today. That guy is either Ukrainian or depressed as hell that the entire Claudio Pizarro line was out of stock.

  2. I think some people watch football for a couple of months and then stop for a year or two and think everything’s hunky-dory, much as it would be in most other sports…”Shevchenko? He plays for Chelsea now? He’s probably banging still them in like he did at Milan FC, right? How much is that shirt?”

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