Memo to Spain: I Appreciate You.

So, I’ve been feeling a little churlish all day, like may be the ramble below did not give Spain due credit. To be honest, I was so disappointed in Russia—who were worse today than the counterfeit Stolichnaya I drank in Moscow in 1996—that I was not sufficiently impressed by Spain. I just watched the highlights, and feel the need to make amends: la Furia was, at least a moments, great. I would say Xavi got a little lucky, ghosting in straight through the heart of the defense without a soul around, but who thrives without luck in this game? He created the play to begin with, and killed it off crisply. Guiza’s goal was a very nifty finish, a deft and delicate flick when he could easily have smashed it straight into the goalkeeper. And then, that third—the hexagon of sparky short passes in midfield, and then Iniesta’s beautiful little lob to slit the defense: awesome. So, Spain, it’s not I’m not into you or anything…


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2 Responses to Memo to Spain: I Appreciate You.

  1. Derek says:

    I think Russia will be a formidable side in the coming years. At least, I hope so. They’re young and after a myriad of European club owners snatch many of those players up in the coming weeks–I think Saenko is the only player who plays far, far away in Germany–the experience will do them well. I’ve been saying this for years… but it’s about time that Russia and Eastern European clubs started to rise up again.I’m curious to see if Arshavin will end up at Barcelona. He’d be a nice fit, I think.

  2. Zach Dundas says:

    With all the upheaval coming at Barca, I guess Arshavin would be a good bet for the first team. It is interesting, isn’t it, that virtually all the Russian side plays domestically, in a league that almost no one outside the country pays attention to. Just like the Olde Days!

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