Sexy Jurgen, We Hardly Knew Ye

Let the speculation begin: did Klinsmann simply decide on a polite thanks-but-no-thanks so he can spend more quality fun’n’sun time at his California dacha; or did the United States Soccer Federation pull one of its characteristic almighty cock-ups? Either way, it seems my decision to buy tons of futures on crisp white button-ups was a poor one.

This is definitely the most disappointing domestic soccer news either since Ghana 2:1 USA or the naming of the Carolina Railhawks. What underqualified homegrown coach (y’know, someone who “knows the American system” or “understands the American player” or some such bullshit) or warmed-over Bora Milutinovich-alike will get the job now?


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2 Responses to Sexy Jurgen, We Hardly Knew Ye

  1. admin says:

    Chivas USA boss Bob Bradley is the interim guy. He fits your description. I’m hoping Klinsi is just waiting until about 2008 to take over. Why he wouldn’t want to coach a team with virtual no pressure on it for millions of dollars is beyond me.

  2. wise says:

    Bob Bradley, the poor man’s Bruce Arena.

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