And Then There’s the West Ham Connection…

Beyond Arsenal’s sketchy-but-intriguing possible link to the Litvinenko nuke-assassination case, there’s the better-documented West Ham angle. Boris Berezovsky, a member of that fun-loving post-Soviet class generically known as “shady oligarchs,” was allegedly/apparently/probably-in-the-eyes-of-all-but-his-libel-lawyers up to his neck in the Hammers’ mysterious (and, in footballing terms, subsequently unsuccessful) deadline-day scoop of Mascherano and Tevez.

Berezovsky, exiled to Britain thanks to his falling out with the Putin, um, administration, also seems to have turned up on the list of possible rub-out targets discussed by Litvinenko and his “Italian contact” at the Chelsea [ACTUALLY, PICCADILLY…see the comments] sushi bar…

Paging John Le Carre—football threatens to make you obsolete, old son.


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4 Responses to And Then There’s the West Ham Connection…

  1. drgogol says:

    Do do this shit to drive me up a frickin’ tree, dontcha?There happens to be an Itsu shushi bar in Chelsea, yes. But your Russian ate his plutonium roll at the one in Piccadilly. So keep Roman Abromovich out of your novel, mate!The Avenging Bixter

  2. Zach Dundas says:

    Well, Piccadilly it is, then! Easy, there, Bix, or people will think you Chelsea fans are getting a bit sensitive…

  3. Zach Dundas says:

    …and are you willing to lay a wager that Comrade Roman’s name WON’T surface in this affair? ‘Cause I wouldn’t be.

  4. drgogol says:

    And of course by the Freudian “Do do” I meant “You do”…

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