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Pure Comedy Gold

If you haven’t had your life-giving laugh of the day, get thee to this unintentionally (?) hilarious Guardian Sport Blog post, the latest in an unofficial series of silly pieces about “The MLS” to appear in that otherwise excellent forum. … Continue reading

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You Must Be Kidding

I know. It’s blogospheric cheating. But it’s just too good to resist.

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Adu—Oh No He Did-uhnt!

It’s a beautiful thing when adults come together with a minor child’s best interests at heart. The grown-ups who run DC United are reportedly scrambling to warn sometime-wunderkind Freddy Adu off a move to Manchester United. There’s ominous talk of … Continue reading

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Eleven Devils…Wake! Arise!

Anyone who thinks blogging is the journaliterary world’s softest option has never tried to care for and feed one a regular basis. XIDevils’ teens of readers will no doubt fear that the soccer world’s least-urgent blog has breathed its last. … Continue reading

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Dire Does Dallas

It never fails. Everytime I con a non-football-obsessed pal into watching a match, the match turns out to suck. I should have known better than to invite an Outsider over for an MLS Cup Final involving the New England Revolution—that … Continue reading

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Oh, not on the futsal pitch. My beloved Unicorns of Albina Going FC took a good old-fashioned country beatdown at the hands of Juventus on Tuesday night. Apparently life in Portland Futsal’s completely revamped Second Division is going to be … Continue reading

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A Burnt Offering on the Altar of the Unicorn

After a langourous two-week off-season, Albina Going FC returns to action at Portland Futsal tonight. Our opponent in the much-overhauled Second Division? Mighty Juventus. If they bear any resemblance to the “Juventus” side that we played last season, the Unicorns … Continue reading

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